Options When Deciding on Third-Party Fulfillment Services

Fulfillment Services for Businesses

The point-of-sale and delivery of goods are perhaps two of the most challenging processes that businesses have to deal with. This fact is especially true for businesses that deal with very large quantities of goods, as they also require more manpower and a bigger service area for packaging and handling of items. Fortunately, there are companies that offer a third party order fulfillment services.  They can also take care of billing, marketing, and the distribution of catalogs to your target demographic.

Fulfillment Services Reduce Overhead Costs

One of the most obvious advantages of hiring the fulfillment services of another company to take care of customer orders is that this move can significantly reduce your overhead costs. If you hand over such processes to another company, you will be relieved of such a large chunk of responsibility. This will reduce the need to hire more in-house employees. Employees have to be paid separately and they are also entitled to certain benefits that can significantly add to the operating costs of your business whereas if you hand over such tasks to a third-party service, you will only be billed for the services they offer and not for any additional costs and benefits.

Increased Efficiency of Fulfillment Services

Order fulfillment services includes a wide-range of processes that are crucial to the success of your business.  Many do not only take care of packing items and delivering them to customers but they also offer e-commerce solutions, marketing, and handling of product returns. Hiring the services of such a company can significantly speed up the amount of time it takes for your customers to receive their orders and it will also allow you to deal with other important aspects of your business such as the production process and quality control.

When to go with Fulfillment Services?

When your company has reached the critical point of deciding whether to expand into a larger space there are many factors to consider. Along with the property lease, it takes trained labor, equipment and management to run a warehouse properly. There is an option that many small and medium businesses have often overlooked. You should consider using an outsourcer for warehousing and shipments. Third Party Logistics or 3PL’s as they are called provide all the order fulfillment services of a professional warehouse without the investment training or labor needed to establish this portion of your business.               In essence these third party outsourcers, will receive in your goods in bulk, break down shipments, tag products, ship and update inventory for you. Depending on your volume this represents a large savings in labor as well as a savings in the warehouse cost, cost of your own VMS (Warehouse Management System) software, and the training it would take to run a professional warehouse. It is also a large savings in the nightmare that can result in order fulfillment being done without organization.

Fulfillment Services in a nutshell

By handing over your order fulfillment services to a large firm, you hire knowledgeable professionals who, because they handle many clients have state of the art equipment, the best VMS, and completely trained staff. This leaves your capital investment to go towards upgrading your showroom, or upgrading your presence on the internet.  Our economy is slowly turning around; using an outsourcer is a great option for those who are looking at starting, expanding or giving their business a competitive edge.

fulfillment services

fulfillment services