Phoenix now has Custom Foam Packaging

Custom Foam Packaging is now in Phoenix!

Great news for Arizona small business!  Recently Best West Direct Complete fulfillment has acquired a foam-in-place system to create custom foam packaging and custom foam boxes for our customers.  Our newly acquired technology is known for its innovative foam-in-place technologies.

We now offer Foam-in-Place Systems with a “High IQ” as part of our standard product line and custom foam packaging

Our packaging systems are engineered for high performance cushioning, void fill, and block and brace applications. Foam can be pre-molded, delivered on demand at the packing station, or applied using a hand-held gun.

Systems can be adapted to virtually any level of automation and used to protect products of almost any size. Foam-in-place excels in applications for –

  • Large, heavy products requiring blocking and bracing
  • Extremely fragile products requiring extra protection
  • Products that vary in size and configuration from one package to the next

Foam-in-place systems provide a perfect combination of flexibility, packaging performance, and productivity enhancement. For over sized products, foam-in-place replaces lumber, molded rigid foams, build-up corrugated, and other expensive, hard to apply packaging materials. Not only will our system reduce material costs, it will increase throughput and improve ergonomics.

Custom Foam Packaging for Distribution Centers

Foam-in-place is also an excellent choice for distribution centers where fragile or semi-fragile products are involved and order content varies. Foam bags can be delivered on demand to accommodate the precise need of every shipping case, eliminating over- and under packing, and again increasing throughput.

custom foam packaging

custom foam packaging